Equal, Neutral, and Balanced

Let’s remove the idea of right and wrong for a bit. Let’s just focus on the two sides of the argument around abortion. Let’s make them both equal and opposite to each other.

I’m not interested in arguing about the rightness or wrongness of abortion. I’m not interested in whether your belief is religious, personal, moral, or simply just an idea your parents offered you as a child that you never questioned. I don’t care how you got to the belief you have. I only care that you have a belief that has put you on one side of the argument or the other. I don’t care which side of that argument you happen to be on.

We think of the belief against abortion as being a religious one because that is usually the argument that is offered when defending that belief. If we accept that the religious argument is the foundation of an anti-abortion stance, then we have to ask some questions.

  1. What is the underlying fear that causes someone to believe that simply staying away from an abortion clinic is not enough?

  2. What is the underlying fear that makes someone want to ban abortion for everybody?

  3. Is it possible that someone’s beliefs are based on religious trauma? If so, how do we deal with that as a collective? Obviously, simply telling people to deal with it or get over it is not an appropriate response to trauma.

Don’t simplify these answers. It’s not just that the religion is evil or people are evil. It’s not just that they are trying to protect children. None of those things are true. They are good excuses but they aren’t the basis of the problem. What’s at the root of the fear? What have they been told about their role in society? What have they been told will happen to them if they don’t rid the country or the planet of abortion?

We need to think deeper than the excuses and the surface level ideas we typically offer as reasons for the problem. It’s not that easy because if it were, the problem would have been solved already. We wouldn’t be here if it were as simple as telling people to stop projecting their religious beliefs or deal with it.

Let’s turn this around for a minute. The idea that abortion is okay is also a belief. It may or may not be connected to a religion, but it is a belief that we are trying to project onto other people. It may not be a religious belief being projected, but it is a belief being projected nonetheless.

We could ask some questions about this side of the equation as well.

  1. What’s the fear of letting people have their beliefs, regardless of how we feel about those beliefs?

  2. Why do we make people defend their beliefs to such an extreme?

  3. What if the problem we’re experiencing now with the removal abortion rights is actually self-created? What if we backed the other side into a corner, trapped them, made them “deal with it” for too long and now they are simply taking their power back?

The mirror works both ways. The reflection is equal and opposite. Regardless of which side of this mirror you’re looking into, you’re projecting a belief onto the other side of the mirror.

Claiming moral high ground doesn’t change that.

Claiming the perception that something is good for the collective doesn’t change that.

Claiming right or wrong doesn’t change that.

Claiming that it is or is not religious doesn’t change that.

Both sides are projecting a belief onto the other. The only argument we have is which one is right. That is why we claim religion, child protection and moral high ground. It is because those things are deemed to be “right”.

When we remove the idea of right and wrong from the equation, what we see very simply is that both sides are projecting their own ideas onto each other, nothing more.

How do we solve that?

If we accept that we can’t make people allow us to have our beliefs and they can’t make us accept their beliefs, then what? This is why it turns into an argument of right and wrong. It is because what I just presented to you is a stalemate.

The fear of “what if” is equal on both sides as well. If there is religious trauma present, then there is more than likely some self-preservation involved. “I have to do this otherwise I will be punished in hell when I die.” The fear of not protecting abortion rights is that women will suffer or die because of the lack of access to this form of medical help. “I have to defend my rights. I have to defend the collective rights of women. I have to defend my right to choose.”

Neither side seems able to leave the other one alone. That is based solely on the fear of what happens if we don’t fight for our respective beliefs. What happens if we don’t fight to maintain abortion rights? What happens if we don’t fight to rid the world of abortion? These are equal and opposite fears of dropping the fight.

It is up to both sides to drop the fight and leave each other alone. Neither side seems to want to drop the fight. The reality of that is the situation that we find ourselves in.

When one side gains some control for an extended period of time, the other side doesn’t just disappear. It simply regroups quietly in the corner and then makes a grand entrance back into the world letting everybody know that it is still there. Welcome to the political landscape of 2024.

Abortion rights have been the status quo for 40 years – until they weren’t because the scale re-balanced itself and abortion rights were overturned. You see, the scale always needs to have 2 sides. A scale without 2 sides cannot balance itself. Simply pretending the other side isn’t there doesn’t suddenly make the scale balance. Because we didn’t ever attempt to heal the other side of the scale, it suddenly made its presence known. The balance to one side having perceived power for awhile is that the power will shift in the other direction for awhile to balance things back out. It is a natural energetic balance that takes place in the world. We call it karma.

How do you stop the scale from violently swinging from side to side like this? You stop messing with it. Stop trying to make both sides look the same. You allow for natural flow and balance, which means taking your hands off the scale. Drop the fight – stop arguing about right and wrong. Let go of the fear of “what if”. You’re already asking the other side to do that, but get mad when I suggest that we all need to do it and not just the other side.

Life is a giant math equation with the equal sign being the fulcrum or balance point in the middle. Both sides of the equation always need to be equal otherwise the equation is out of balance. When the equation becomes out of balance, it will find a way to balance itself. In math that’s just getting a wrong answer. In life, it looks exactly like what we see happening now in the world around us.

The equation tries to break apart. It separates. Notice the division we have in society. One side tries to pretend the other doesn’t exist. There is no right answer. The equation becomes unsolvable. The perceived wrong answer keeps showing up.

Energy, life, and math must all balance. Humans love to mess with that balance when they perceive the balance to be incorrect or when they think the balance is somehow wrong.

My spiritually minded folks always talk about flow, allowing, and even minding their own business, yet every single one of them will defend one side of this fight or the other. True flow would mean leaving this argument alone, stepping back, standing down, and dropping the fight. None of them will do that. All are afraid of what happens if they do.

If you truly want balance, then you absolutely need to drop the fight with the scale. The scale cannot exist without both sides of it remaining intact. If a new equation or scale forms, a new balance is created. But that new balance still includes both sides of the equation. It still includes an equal sign. That means there will always be a perception of another side with a different viewpoint.

From where we are now, that might seem better. But over time, as our current perception of reality fades, that new balance will seem equally as wrong as the existing balance does. The pain will still exist. What is creating the pain may change, but the pain will still be present.

We can’t remove pain. It is part of the experience. Learning how to allow it to exist is part of our work as spiritually minded or awakened individuals. For as long as we continue to fight with that balance, we keep ourselves from fully awakening to the truth that all things are meant to be equal, neutral, and naturally balanced.

Love to all.



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